December 8, 2010 – January 10, 2011
Artists' Television Access Window Gallery

“Nothing is more abstract than reality” –Giorgio Morandi

In Remembrance of… is a meditation that shows a system based on observation, time, memory, mimesis, shared experience, and how these ideas relate to the tradition of painting.

In a period of complete turmoil, Italian painter Giorgio Morandi became inspired by Meta-Physical painting- a style that expressed illogical realities. Morandi studied banal objects and painted them as still life. His observation of the nuances of light on form and the treatment of his subject transformed modest still lives of bottles and pots into quirky monuments that were subjected to different times of day. The transformative attributes that he gave his subject matter and his ability to recreate his intimate experience for the viewer is what I have reflected upon in his work and has become the departure point for this installation.

Shared experience:
Gabriel Remon, Tiffany Canter, and I walked and observed the block that ATA resides in – between 20th and 21st st. at Valencia. That day we recorded our recollections of this experience through painting.

The three paintings allowed me to represent their collective formal attributes as provisional painted constructions. The painted constructions were then arranged as three-dimensional still life.

In Remembrance of/ Still Life For Studio 1
Oil,acrylic,spray-paint,foam,cardboard, painted floor

In Remembrance of/ Still Life For Studio 2
Oil and acrylic on canvas on wall and painted floor
52x67.5 inches

Mixed Media Oil, acrylic on canvas,wood,&floor